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Work Order Processing

We are specialized in property preservation work order processing because this is the only thing we do.

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Expert Processing Team

We are ready with expert processors with the knowledge of work order type,loan type, client type and pricing for any software.

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With Unbeatable Quality & Price

We provide our clients the best quality processing with the best price in the market to help them grow their businesses.

We Are Online & Operating 24/7 365 Days Around The Year

We are never late to respond to any issues and use the easiest ways to communicate with our clients.

15 Days Free Trial

We are offering you a 15 days trial period up to 15 orders.

First you see our quality then we talk about everything else
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Welcome To Property Preservation Solutions

Your one stop solution for all kinds of work orders you have throughout the year. 
We provide guaranteed services with quality and unbeatable prices.

Securing Orders

We are experienced with any type of securing orders like Initial Secure, Resecure, Final Secure etc.

Grass Cut Orders

We are aware of the season of grass cut and it's allowable according to the states and what to do if it's over the allowable. We use grass cut pricing matrix.

Winterization Orders

We are experienced with winterization orders and it's season. We process winterization orders with the winterization checklists according to the software.

Eviction Orders

We are specialized in processing the eviction orders and have knowledge of invoicing for debris relocation. labor hours for FHA and other loans.

Hazard EOB Orders

We have experienced and skilled processors to process the HAZARD EOB. We create CE estimate to compare the EOB estimate and close the orders with maximum accuracy.

Maintenance & Snow Removal Orders

We do process all the orders that are required to bring a property in to ICC such as convey condition, regular, rush orders, snow removal, bid approval, initial REO, lending condition, yard maintenance, cash for key, allow access, deed in Lieu, maid service etc.

We Are Comfortable with Any Source You Use for Photos & Data

We Are Familiar And Working with

Why Choose US?
  • We have a flexible trial period of up to 15 days/15 work orders
  • We will never charge a single penny for any type of RTV’s caused by our processors
  • We also have a flexible hourly basis expert processors. For more details please send us an email.
  • Additional Work Orders over 4000 per month (Grass or Maintenance) will be half of price (for example if we complete 4500 work orders for you then the additional 500 work orders will be absolutely half price)
  • Reviews from our client
  • We will change a separate minimal price for any type of RTVs (which will be half price than usual work order) caused by contractors, in house processors etc.
  • We provide consultancy facility to our clients to grow the volume of work.
  • We do the reopens/denials for our clients with no charge at all.
  • In a simple word, we serve as a back office and able to handle all official works on behalf of our clients. 

Tools We Use To Process Work Orders

We use XactPRM to process orders when required to create estimate or to submit the order as well.

We use repairbase to justify the estimate for every order we process to make sure there is no error in pricing.

We use Google Earth to find the location and property & lot measurement if no public record is found for any property. 

We search the property details for every order  specially for grass cut orders in public records like realquest, trulia, zillow etc.

Try Us for Once And See The Difference

We Provide you the Best of Experts and Guarantee you the best service