Who We Are

We are an offshoring organization who only works for property preservation companies. We have been doing preservation processing from years with huge numbers of processors. We have separate trained team for every national/software. We don’t need training for any common software unless it’s a customized one. 

Our Mission

We know the value of your company and  know why you are in the business. We don’t just work for some bid approvals and get you paid rather we work to help you grow. We have been helping the start ups to make them bigger and established in property preservation sector for a long period.  

What We Do

We do process work orders for the property preservation companies. We are unbeatable at work order processing because this is the only thing we do. We can assure you the best quality with quickest turnaround time with your order processing. Our expertise is designed to amaze you.

Our 6-Steps of Work


Your Only Task

Completing the field works and leaving the rest on us. Save your time, energy and cost of maintaining an office. 



Organizing daily work orders from common sources or use any other source that client uses to store photos and data.



We are aware and know the value of your time. Our 24 hours operating teams do process work orders to keep your queue clean and empty by the end of the day. We do prioritize according to the due dates and type of the orders to keep your score high. 


Quality Check

Once a work order is processed our team leads checks the errors if any to ensure the quality before submitting the order.


Denials - Reopens

We check your portal or software daily and solve the denials and reopens in a daily basis and solve it in quickest possible unless anything is needed from field crews. We are aware of your scorecard. And great thing is we do the denials/reopens without any additional charges.



We know the great communication is key tool to work together. We are never late more than 10 mins to response to any issues you want us to pay attention. We use email, phone, skype to be connected with our clients.  

Try Our Trial Period of 15 Days up to 15 Work Orders